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Welcome Note

Congratulations! You are about to experience Chelangela. But, before you do, here are some pointers on what to expect:

You may feel like an outsider, this is normal. If you feel dizzy, nauseated, or overheated let us know immediately. You may feel a sense of nervousness around Chelangela but this is also to be expected. Unless given permission, you must keep your hands, feet, and annoying comments to yourself at all times. Should you have had a bad experience before with Chelangela previously, you may NOT come back.

Serious side effects include confusion, a sense of worthlessness, and thoughts of loneliness. Do not hang out with Chelangela if you plan to drive or operate heavy machinery. Over exposure to Chelangela may increase these risks.

All copyright by Chelangela, est. 2004. Duplication or redistribution strictly prohibited.


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