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I Get Up in the Morning to the Beat of the Drum

Well hello nice of you to show up.

The seasons have come and gone. The air is crisp, the nights are long. It's about that time again to wrap up another year. So take a breath, let go, and prepare to bloom again.

What better way to end 2011 than to give you all a little taste of what these sirens have been stomping around to all year.

This year has been like an obstacle course, but it has also given us a few little gifts to get us through difficult times. You see, 2011 led us to our idol, our Goddess, our muse. Somehow we stumbled upon the beauty of Lykke Li, and our lives changed forever.

We could dedicate a whole novel to her, but not tonight. No, tonight we're here to share with you our major musical inspirations from this past year. All have been new discoveries and 2011 just wouldn't have been the same without them.

Some favorite pieces from the wonderfully talented Lykke Li:
- Silent My Song
- Window Blues
- Sadness Is A Blessing

We also discovered the beautiful Lana Del Rey and just can't get enough of this sultry songbird. Some of our favorite tracks:
- Video Games
- Put Me in a Movie
- Diet Mtn. Dew

Our bodies can't help but move to the beat of Robyn's album Body Talk. Turn up the volume and lose control to these favorites:
- Dancing on my own
- Hang With Me
- Call Your Girlfriend
- None of Dem

And now for our most recent discovery...Dead Man's Bones. This band was founded by actor Ryan Gosling(yes, you heard me right.) They have a unique eery vibe that puts us in a wonderful witchy little mood. So put on your best disguise and creep around to these tunes:
- Lose Your Soul
- My Body's a Zombie For You
- In the Room Where You Sleep

Stay tuned for more inspirations...and never fight the urge to follow the songs of these sirens.


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