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The Ugliest of Them All

I've been waiting years for the opportunity to don a hideous holiday sweater and this season my wish came true! A Christmas miracle I tell you! Yesterday was ugly sweater day at work so I drove my merry little self to the Salvation Army in search for the ugliest sweater out there. But when an employee approached me and said that they were sold out of Christmas sweaters, my heart about broke in half. With only hours to go until work I had to get creative.

You should have seen the sparkle in my eyes when I spotted this turquoise angora masterpiece of a sweater. When I saw that it contained the largest shoulder pads ever, I knew I had found THE ONE. It was my own little ugly swan.

Now I just had to use my imagination to make this guy a little more christmasy. Luckily there was a Michaels craft store close by. I picked up these lovely felt stickers. I planned to sew them on but they seemed to stick pretty well to the material.

 And VOILA! Magnifico!

Then it was time to do some wrapping. I went to 3 different stores in search of brown packing paper. I had a theme in mind and I wasn't going to settle for anything else. During my quest, I came across some beautiful red velvet ribbon. Muy perfecto. When I finally found my packing paper I couldn't resist doing a little victory dance in the middle of Office Max.

Just a few classics for my nephew:

May I have a drumroll please?............
Thank you. 

The finished product! 

The best way to cheer up your day is to use your imagination. So get out there and create, dream, write, explore. The world is our canvas my lovelies. Let's make something wonderful. 

Until we meet again....


Simone said...

great ideas! :)

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